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We seek a future of community that knows the gospel and loves each other. Where every student feels safe, secure in who they are, and knows they are loved. We will reach the lost, equip the found, and impact the rest. ConnectYTH will always be a home to students.


ConnectYTH strives to invest in every student we interact with. Every student will know they are loved and accepted as they are, but will know that they are loved too much to be left the same way. At ConnectYTH, every student matters.


That every student in the 85205 will know that they are loved, cared for, and have a safe place to call home at ConnectYTH. We will not be satisfied with just the emotional response of the experience of Jesus, but for all who encounter him at ConnectYTH to engage in relationship with him. We exist to build relationships with one another so we may provide a bridge to a relationship with Jesus. It is our hope, it is our prayer, it is our goal that all who encounter ConnectYTH, witness the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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